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Hello! I'm Brenna and wear a few too many hats. But I love it all, so here I am. My blog is compilation of everything I love: photography, being a mommy, helping other mommies, beauty and style on a budget, DIY projects, and home decorating. I'm a portrait photographer, pageant coach, professional model and actress, child passenger safety technician, grammar freak, and goofball. 

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January 22, 2016

I looooove a good bargain. I’m also a super girly girl who (on most days) loves to do my hair and makeup. Over my many years in the modeling and beauty pageant industries, I’ve discovered some incredible budget-friendly products. I personally use each and every one of these products. I love them all and I […]

?? ? ? Bravado Body Silk bra $49.99 |? Undercover Mama tank $24.99? |? Merona Maxi Dress $20.98   One key to getting back into the swing of life after having a baby is being able to nurse whenever and wherever you need to. Nursing on demand is so important to establish a good milk […]


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