I looooove a good bargain. I’m also a super girly girl who (on most days) loves to do my hair and makeup. Over my many years in the modeling and beauty pageant industries, I’ve discovered some incredible budget-friendly products. I personally use each and every one of these products. I love them all and I […]

Jan 22, 2016


Peachy-pink paint and white furniture with gold and floral accents–that’s what Adelyn’s nursery is made of. Everything girly and glam but still sweet, soft, and sophisticated. It’s true that we don’t really use the nursery at all right now (she’s only two months old) other than for storing her clothes, but in a few more […]

Sep 26, 2015


As I write this I’m using one hand to type (hunt-and-peck style) and the other to hold my one day old daughter as she nurses to sleep for the ninth time today. I have to pause and admire her, thinking about how, just 48 hours ago, she was in my womb getting ready to make […]

Jul 29, 2015


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