Kelli’s Dreamy Senior Session | Scottsdale, AZ


May 22, 2018

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It’s graduation day! Kelli will walk across the stage and receive her diploma from Chaparral High Scholl this evening!

I met Kelli’s parents and older sister just a few weeks ago at Miss Arizona USA’s send-off party. Her mom mentioned that their younger daughter was about to graduate from high school and was in need of senior photos as soon as possible. It turns out that I only had one available date left for May and Belinda booked it right away. She called Kelli and said, “We’re doing your senior photos tomorrow!”

Kelli will be attending ASU (goooooo Devils!) and studying pre-med. She’s had the desire of attending medical school since she was a little girl. How exciting to finally be reaching your dreams, sweet girl!

Kelli, I am so excited for you! You’ve worked so incredibly hard to get to this day and it’s finally here! Early mornings, long drives to and from school, late-night cram sessions…you did it all! I know you will love ASU, and ASU will love you too. I wish you a world of success and happiness as you go for your goals and set new dreams for yourself. Go get ’em!!



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