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Apr 13, 2018

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Abigail Kate blessed the world with her presence on March 19, 2018. Her mama, Lindsay describes her birth story so eloquently. I dare you to not cry. Just go ahead and get your tissues in advance. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


“On the morning of March 19th we went to the doctor to get my membranes stripped, in hopes that we wouldn’t need to be induced the next day. Fighting pre-term labor and being on bed rest for five weeks, we didn’t expect it would take much help to get things moving. We brought our son Tyler with us so we could go get brunch and then go to the aquarium to help get things moving. Well, we learned that you can never make plans when it comes to labor!!! Right after the appointment I was in full-on labor so the day’s plans were scrapped. We took Tyler home where his Grandma was waiting for him. Living 40 minutes from the hospital, we knew we needed to be close in case things changed fast. We said our tearful goodbyes to Tyler, knowing that was the last time we would be on the couch as a family of 3.


Once we got to the hospital we sat in the parking lot. I had two phone interviews for a new job where I tried to sound professional through the contractions. Both interviewers asked when I was having the baby, I said in the next couple days. Little did they know I would be having her in the next couple hours. Once I hung up, we had high hopes of walking the green belt outside of Honor Health Shea to move labor along. I took two steps out of the car and said, ‘It’s time! We need to go up to Triage.’ We walked into the hospital on cloud nine, reminiscing on how amazing the birth of our son was and how exciting that we got to do it again. Trevor was snapping pictures left and right so we could remember every moment of this special day. Once we were admitted, we she win my arms within four hours after the longest six min of pushing where I screamed that I needed a C-Section (which got a laugh out of the entire room because her head was already out).

Placing her 7lb and 9oz warm body on my chest was the most amazing feeling in the world. My baby girl was here. She was mine and I couldn’t have imagined it to be anymore perfect. That night we held and snuggled her as we talked about how exciting it will be when we see Tyler with her for the first time. When he walked into the hospital room the next morning with his daddy, rocking his “eyes” (sunglasses) I got choked up. He climbed up on my bed and he was in love. Gave her a big kiss on her head and Trevor and I were more in love with him then we could ever imagine. Our family was finally complete and we were more in love sitting on that uncomfortable hospital bed, with bags under our eyes, holding our son and daughter than we had ever been. Life was perfect and in that moment we knew this is why God gave us each other.”

Lindsay and Trevor, thank you for allowing me to capture the most precious and meaningful times in your lives. I love your dedication to making memories with each other and your children. I love your kind and gentle words of encouragement to Tyler. I love the way he holds and kisses his baby sister. I can’t wait to watch these kiddos grow up and become best buddies.



  1. Joy Sprink

    April 13th, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Breathtaking…capturing the essence of love.

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