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Jan 10, 2018

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Rebecca and Josh welcomed their second girl, Alexandra, on December 24. The story behind her name brought tears to my eyes! Read on and get those tissues ready.

“I’m SO glad I found the Birth Haven three years ago. The midwives, students, and doulas there are amazing and I’m super proud of myself for achieving a second natural childbirth. Lexi was born in the water pretty quickly!  I started having contractions at 5 am on Christmas Eve (despite not wanting a Jewish Christmas baby! *wink*) and we finally went to the birth center around 5pm. Dad and several midwives were there to “catch” her at exactly 9:18 pm (the same time I was born!) and Josh got to announce “It’s another girl!” after we waited to find out the gender. It was a pretty magical moment!

We hadn’t decided on a name beforehand (we had a list of potential girls’ and boys’ names ready), but when she arrived we just knew she was Lexi! We looked at each other and said “Alexandra” and then “Frances” at the same time. The name Alexandra is in memory of my Nana Adele and Frances is for Josh’s Grandma Frances. Two strong, fiery, loving grandmothers. We were both lucky enough to know them well growing up and we loved honoring their memories this way. 
So far we’re calling her “Lexi” and big sis, Olivia, is still calling her “My baby brother OR sister,” since that’s how she was referring to the baby over the last eight months or so. Ha!”

Remember Mark, from sweet Sophie’s newborn session? Well, he and Olivia are best buddies! So when Olivia’s mom booked their newborn session several months ago, but Mark’s mom’s baby was due a month prior, Olivia’s mom knew she had to book the same photographer. And voila! (Are you following along? Have I lost you yet?) That’s how I ended up photographing both Sophie’s and Lexi’s newborn photos! Lucky me!!

Rebecca found me from a simple online search and chose me over our mutual love of My Favorite Things music theater! It just so happens that she and Josh met through mutual friends of theater, as well! Rebecca was working as a stage manager and mentioned to her coworkers that she was looking for a “nice Jewish boy,” and lo and behold, they knew a drummer who was looking for a nice Jewish girl and the rest, as they say, is history! I love their love story! It just makes me want to sing!! (Pun intended.)

Josh and Rebecca, congratulations on baby girl number two!!  I’m so thankful that you found me, and even more so that you shared me with your best friends. What an honor it was to document these precious memories for you! I wish you all the love and blessings in this new year! xoxo

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