Mila’s Adoption Story + Newborn Session

No one can tell Mila’s story better than her mom. Thank you, Emily and Nate, for sharing her adoption story with us and allowing me to capture this incredibly special time in your lives. I love you guys!

“Nate and I started the process of adopting a baby in April of 2016. We’d always wanted to adopt and we just happened to decide that the right time was then. We had two boys already and they were more than excited to start this journey with us!

We truly didn’t think it would take 17 months and though we were willing to wait, the time was going slow! We knew God had the perfect child for us.

On Monday, August 14th, we received a phone call from Christian Family Care Agency telling us that a birth mom wanted to meet us. THAT NIGHT. No pressure. We met our beautiful birth mother along with our future daughter that night.

On Thursday, August 17th, we had the honor, blessing, and privilege of having a birth mom choose us to parent her sweet baby girl. Emotions were high and tears were flowing, but each of us who got to be a part of that day were fully aware and in the presence of a supernatural redemption and restoration that only comes from God. We were and are extremely grateful!

We love adoption and we have a huge passion to bring awareness to open adoption and the beautiful process that it is!”

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