Mountain Maternity Session in Prescott, AZ


Aug 24, 2017

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Michelle and Michael have been married for five years and are expecting their first bundle of joy in just six weeks! Michelle grew up in southern California, Michael in Wisconsin, but they met in…get this…South Africa!

When Michelle booked her session a few months ago, everything was going perfectly! I send her an idea for a location; she loved it! I send her some gown ideas; she loved them! When I looked up the address for where they were staying in Prescott (for me to do her hair and makeup), I realized it was in the same community as my family’s cabin and just a six minute drive. How random is that?! Except it wasn’t random at all–it was perfect!

We’ve had so much rain in Prescott lately that I’ve come accustomed to checking the weather hourly when I have a session coming up. As their session date approached, the weather looked great! I brought a couple umbrellas with me, just in case of a drizzle, but the afternoon was barely cloudy so I was convinced we were in the clear.

I arrived to their cabin, helped to choose their two looks, did her hair and makeup, we packed up our cars, and started the half hour drive to our shooting location. As we got closer, it seemed we were driving straight into a storm. The sky to one side of us was sunny, the other side was dark and stormy. We able to get through her first outfits without a hitch. The wind was perfect! Just as we were finishing up their first look, it started to sprinkle. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

If you happened to see my Instagram Story this past Saturday, you’d know that we got rained out halfway through Michelle and Michael’s maternity session in Prescott. As soon as she changed into her second gown, the rain started coming down harder and faster. We grabbed a handful of photos with them under an umbrella while I hid under a ramada, but it quickly started pouring and the sky turned black. I knew we were done for.

Luckily, we were able to meet up the next day, in sunny Phoenix, to photograph her in the other gown, which was a dream come true! You’ll have to wait to see those photos a little later, but for now, enjoy Michelle and Michael’s maternity session in the mountains of Prescott, AZ!

Michelle’s Dress from Rent the Runway

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