Jacqueline and Jason’s Sweetheart Session

Who better to tell Jacqueline and Jason’s story than themselves? I asked each of them to write a short story about their relationship how they met. I wanted their stories to be a surprise to each other so they haven’t read each others stories until now.

Jason’s story: “Little did I know that I would meet the love of my life in my 5th grade math class. Despite being mortified as she scolded me for accidently reminding the teacher that we had homework due, I was more enthralled by how cute this fiery brunette was. Our paths parted after class, but we stayed acquainted through mutual friends while attending different high schools – an acquaintance I distinctly recall sensing was special. I was still oblivious to just how special. After attending a series of the same social events my junior year of college, we agreed to meet for coffee, not a date of course or at least that’s what she thought. I was a little less oblivious at this point. After laughing about that one time back in 5th grade and growing up in the same neighborhood, the truth began to come out. A few explicitly stated dates later, I asked her to officially be mine. I was no longer oblivious. She is a witty, musically gifted, determined, and stunning beauty. I fell in love with the girl next door.”

Jacqueline’s Story: “Jason and I were the type of people that had always known of each other, but never actually knew each other. Growing up I would hear stories of what people thought he was like. Regardless of what others said, I always knew one thing: he was undeniably one of the most attractive guys I had ever laid eyes on. Our paths crossed as children in homeschooling co-ops, from everything like math class to P.E. We went our separate ways growing up but meet again at different social events in college. He asked me to hang out on a couple different occasions, but I was always too “busy”. The one day, he very straightforwardly asked me out on a date, not just to a social event. We haven’t stopped dating since! When we first started dating we couldn’t spend enough time together. Here we are almost two years later, and even though I see him pretty much every day, it still is never enough time spent with him.”

Jacqueline and Jason, you two are the sweetest couple! I had so much fun during your session. I wish all of the Lord’s blessing on you as your relationship continues. xoxo


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