Dearings’ Cotton Field Family Session


Nov 9, 2016

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Here’s another one of my favorite family sessions from 2105 and I will never forget all of the incredible elements that came together to make it happen!

First, this location is just jaw-dropping, right?! I have the most amazing, thoughtful, and generous clients ever! When Leeann first mentioned having her family’s photos taken in a cotton field, my eyes lit up with excitement. However, I’m a rule-follower to no end and I knew that I wouldn’t want to shoot on someone’s property without permission.

I contacted Dennielle, whose husband Dusty is a farmer in Buckeye. The two of them were the glue that made the location stick and I will forever be grateful! Buckeye is at least an hour drive from where I live, so Dennielle and Dusty drove around town to scope out the cotton fields, found this one, happened to know the land owner, and graciously asked him if I could bring the Dearings the shoot on his land. And boy, oh boy, was it perfect!

Second, that sky!! We took these photos in late October, 2015. There was a huge storm that day and the rain was not stopping. Leeann and I decided to risk it, because neither of us were available to reschedule for several weeks. Prime cotton harvesting happens in early-mid November and the cotton could have been gone by then. We endured the weekday traffic and the rain started letting up. The Dearings reached the field about 10 minutes before I did. When I arrived, I think my heart skipped a beat and a tear rolled down my cheek. It. Was. Stunning. Words, and even photos, cannot do justice to how absolutely beautiful it was.

I got out of my car, grabbed my gear, and started shooting. The rain was still. The clouds were immaculate. The cotton was to die for. After about 30 minutes, the sky started sprinkling rain but it was gentle so we kept shooting. Then the rain got heavier and heavier until it started pouring and we ran for cover! Leeann and Matt loaded the kiddos into the car and we each drove away.

God created magic that night, and we were in awe.

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