Shooter Family’s Fancy & Fun Portrait Session | Phoenix, AZ


Sep 9, 2016

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Meet the Shooter family. They are the sweetest little family and great friends of mine! When I dreamed up this session, Lindsey, DJ, and their two kiddos were the first family I thought of and they did not disappoint–just look at them!

I’m taking a new direction with my family sessions this season and beyond: Fancy and Fun Family Portraits. I want to encourage my clients to dress up, join me in a stunning location, and let me capture the realness of life in whatever stage they’re in. For the Shooters, that stage happens to be life with two young ones! I’m in the same life stage myself, so I know exactly how stressful it can be to try to nail that “perfect” family photo: everyone perfectly posed, standing still, and smiling the happiest smile you’ve ever seen. But when your session begins, the kids melt down, don’t want to follow directions, and you’re left feeling defeated and worn out.

Well I say, “No more!” Give up on trying to obtain the impossible. Stop making family pictures a competition among your friends and just enjoy this time for what it is — making memories!  Let’s throw the kids in the air, stick our tongues out, and give piggy back rides. Let me take the kids on an adventure that they’ll remember! No more “cheese” faces. Let’s make the kids really laugh and enjoy themselves! Let’s play peek-a-boo, blow bubbles, give raspberries, watch the airplanes fly by, give each other a twirl, and make silly fart noises. Yep, I said it. Kids love fart noises!

Check out all the real, true, genuine FUN we had during this session! Thank you Lindsey, DJ, Beau, and Ellie for coming on this adventure with me! I had soooo much fun!2016-09-09_0025 2016-09-09_0022 2016-09-09_0023 2016-09-09_0020 2016-09-09_0024 2016-09-09_0018 2016-09-09_0017 2016-09-09_0016 2016-09-09_0014 2016-09-09_0019 2016-09-09_0015 2016-09-09_0011 2016-09-09_0013 2016-09-09_0012 2016-09-09_0010 2016-09-09_0008 2016-09-09_0009 2016-09-09_0007 2016-09-09_0004 2016-09-09_0003 2016-09-09_0005 2016-09-09_0006

Venue: Desert Botanical Garden
Lindsey’s Dress: ASOS
Lindsey’s Hair and Makeup: Kami Tafoya, Smoke and Mirrors Studio
Ring Sling: ELBE Baby

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