Lifestyle Session with Miss Arizona Teen USA and Miss Utah Teen USA 2016

Tristany and AbbyJade are in Las Vegas right now, getting ready to compete for Miss Teen USA this Saturday night!  AbbyJade was in town from Utah for a couple days last week to finish up her preparations. We spent one afternoon perfecting their modeling and posing, getting dolled up for this photo session, stuffing our faces and playing with SnapChat filters over dinner at Chipotle, and braving the 106 degrees Phoenix temperatures for an hour as we adventured in the wilderness for these photos. It was hot. Really, really hot.  But you can’t even tell because these girls have the best attitudes and kept smiling, even though we were all

I’m so excited to watch them compete! The pageant will be streamed live on Saturday, July 30, 2016, at at 8pm ET. Mark my words, these will be the last two standing!! 2016-07-26_0003 2016-07-26_0001 2016-07-26_0004 2016-07-26_0005 2016-07-26_0002 2016-07-26_0006 2016-07-26_0007 2016-07-26_0008 2016-07-26_0010 2016-07-26_0009 2016-07-26_0011 2016-07-26_0013 2016-07-26_0012 2016-07-26_0020 2016-07-26_0018 2016-07-26_0015 2016-07-26_0016 2016-07-26_0017 2016-07-26_0014 2016-07-26_0023 2016-07-26_0021 BHP_Teens2016-56


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