Mommy + Me Mini Session Giveaway | Nominate a Deserving Mother

April 4, 2016


God has blessed me immensely with the most amazing clients and it’s my hope and prayer to be a blessing to others. On April 23-24, I am hosting Mommy + Me Mini Sessions in Gilbert and Tempe, AZ. I would love nothing more than give away one spot to a selfless, deserving mom who may not have the means to hire a professional photographer.

Maybe your wife/daughter/sister/friend/coworker is a single mom. Or a military mom. Or a foster mom. Or a birth mom. Or an adoptive mom. Or a step mom. Or a widowed mom. Maybe she’s in between jobs, recently moved, struggling with her health, and/or feeling overwhelmed. You know who I’m talking about.

Nominations will be accepted until April 10, 2016. Complete the form below and shhhhhh, keep it a secret to your nominee! I want to surprise her when she wins! Give me as much detail about her and her family as you can: her age, kids’ names, what she does, why she’s selfless and deserving, and how you think these photos will bless her.

The winner and person who nominated her will be contacted on April 12. 


Contest rules:
~You may not nominate yourself.
~You may nominate more than one mother.
~Mothers may be nominated by multiple people.
~The winner will be chosen by Brenna Heater Photography.
~The winning mother and her family may choose the date and location of her photo session (April 23 in Gilbert; April 24 in Tempe).
~The winning mother must sign a contract and follow all rules and policies set forth for Mommy + Me Mini Sessions as described in the event details (link above).
~If the winning family is not available on April 23-24, then a different family will be selected. 

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