Miss Arizona USA and Miss Utah USA Desert Portfolio Session | Scottsdale, AZ

Chelsea (Miss Arizona USA) and Teale (Miss Utah USA) are getting ready to compete for the prestigious title of Miss USA 2016 on June 5, live on Fox! Teale came to Arizona this weekend for pageant prep boot camp, which consisted of mock interviews, walking and posing lessons with yours truly, bonding with Chelsea, and this epic and super fun photo shoot in the Scottsdale desert.

These girls win so many incredible prizes, along with the opportunity to represent their home states at Miss USA, including college scholarships, acting and modeling opportunities, fashion photo shoots, red carpet event invitations,  and much, much more! Chelsea and Teale are the epitome of style, grace, beauty, kindness, and tenacity. Be sure to watch them compete for Miss USA on June 5! xoxo


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  1. Diana Elizabeth

    July 7th, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    The new blog format looks gorgeous! Love these photos too, very dreamy! Beautiful girls and photography!

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