Maggie’s Graceful + Glowing Portfolio Session | Scottsdale, AZ

Meet Maggie. She’s not only beautiful (isn’t that obvious?) but so, so sweet and a super talented writer and editor (grammar freaks, unite!).? She’s about to jump into the world of blogging to share her passion of health and fitness. Maggie was in need of some updated photos so we headed out to a super secret location in Scottsdale. I had so much fun spending an afternoon with this amazing young lady. Thank you, Maggie, for your incredible hair and makeup skills, fashion sense, and go-with-the flow attitude. You were so much fun to work with and I look forward to reading your blog!!2016-01-31_0006 2016-01-31_0012 2016-01-30_0012 2016-01-31_0008 2016-01-30_0009 2016-01-30_0006 2016-01-30_0013 2016-01-31_0009 2016-01-31_0019 2016-01-30_0004 2016-01-30_0003 2016-01-31_0002 2016-01-30_0010 2016-01-31_0021 2016-01-31_0010 2016-01-31_0004 2016-01-31_0001 2016-01-31_0014 2016-01-30_0011 2016-01-30_0001 2016-01-30_0008 2016-01-31_0003 2016-01-30_0007 2016-01-30_0005 2016-01-31_0018 2016-01-31_0007 2016-01-31_0015 2016-01-31_00162016-01-31_0017


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