Brown Family Session

January 11, 2016


You’ve met my sister’s family before here, when my sweet niece Evelyn was born. Now Evie is one and a half and the smiliest baby you’ll ever meet. (She’s so smiley, in fact, that I had to make up an adjective to describe exactly how smiley she is.) When Haleigh, Nick, and Evelyn were in town for the holidays we sneaked away on New Years Eve to take some pictures. Evelyn brought along her adorable Birth Bunny, which was a gift from my parents for my sister when Haleigh was born–how cute is that?! Keep a close eye out for the most beautiful handmade quilt. Our Bopcha stitched quilts for Haleigh and me when we were little girls and I just had to bring mine with us–it coordinated with their outfits so perfectly!

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