Sperry’s Newpup Session

December 15, 2015


I’m inventing a new word: newpup. It’s like a newborn, but a puppy. Newpup. I like it. I hope it becomes a thing. Anywho, this is sweet little Sperry’s newpup session. She’s a 10 week old Comfort Retriever and the gosh darn cutest thing in the world. She even has her own Instagram profile (@sperrythedog). You’re welcome.

Her human parents are really great friends of mine. Brittany was Miss Arizona USA 2011, a top 15 finalist at Miss USA, and a million-time Miss Photogenic winner. Well, a million may be a little bit of a stretch, but it’s close. Isn’t she just a little photogenic? I know, right?! Brittany and Anthony got married in March 2014 in one of the most heartfelt, Christ-centered weddings I’ve ever been to. I was a hot mess from all the ugly crying I did that night. Just ask my husband.

Congratulations, Brittany and Anthony, on your new addition! I had so much fun with you guys. Thank you for humoring my silly, tongue-in-cheek pose ideas. Sperry is so lucky to be your dogter! xoxo

2015-12-14_0001 2015-12-14_0002 2015-12-14_0003 2015-12-14_0004 2015-12-14_0005 2015-12-14_0006 2015-12-14_0007 2015-12-14_0008 2015-12-14_0009 2015-12-14_0010 2015-12-14_0011 2015-12-14_0012 2015-12-14_0014 2015-12-14_0015 2015-12-14_0016 2015-12-14_0017 2015-12-14_0018 2015-12-14_0019 2015-12-14_0020 2015-12-14_0021 2015-12-14_0022 2015-12-14_0023 2015-12-14_0024 2015-12-14_0025 2015-12-14_0026 2015-12-14_0027 2015-12-14_0028

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